Exit correctly

  • It does not have to be installed as a standalone executable.
    Therefore, after execution, the program will be terminated immediately. As with similar programs, hiding after installation (hooking) will not degrade PC performance or cause conflicts.

  • You can easily stop slowing your explorer, including toolbar (2.2 or later).
  • Also cleanly terminate malicious programs created with the same filename as the Windows default processor (svchost.exe, etc.) (2.1 or later).
  • V3, Avast, and other trusted vaccines will not be terminated (2.1 or later).
  • It does not terminate most of the essential drivers (graphics, sound) (2.1 or later).
    Shutting down essential drivers can degrade performance.

How to use

  1. If the explorer is slow, check the Clean IE - check the programs that are absolutely necessary.
    (The program that slows down the explorer speed is easily disabled)
  2. Initialize"Will be executed.

Exception Settings

  1. Create noclean.txt in the folder where the cleaner program is installed.
  2. Enter the program folder and file name you do not want to be closed.
  3. If "noclean.txt" has the following contents, kalmuri.exe will not be terminated.



  • This is Freeware.
  • It does not matter if you use the space and time freely without restriction, such as company, house, government office, school.
  • You can freely embrace it.


  • When I run the explorer after shutting down the processor, IE clean function has been added.
  • It collects information about executable or executable executable files, and updates the important programs so that they can be used more reliably by exception processing. (2.0 applied)
  • The list of Vista has been added to let you know. (1.7 application)
  • A basic list is available at http://www.liutilities.com/.
  • Since there are several malicious codes in booting from the PC room, I always manually erase the process through Ctrl + Del + Alt. Some of them do not allow you to use Ctrl + Del + Alt in some PC rooms. I feel inconvenience and made a simple program to erase the non-standard processes.
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